What We Do

1. Incorporate clinical expertise in mHealth product development

We advise companies during the product development phase, providing insightful clinical input considering the target population, users, competitive products, healthcare practice and industry trends, as well as pertinent regulatory and reimbursement issues. Our 25 years of patient care is applied in optimization of Clinical human factor management of technology, a critical factor for successful product adoption. For companies desiring to demonstrate efficacy, assistance with design and implementation of clinical trials is offered. The achievement of maximal efficiency, and user adherence and satisfaction are the focus of our early-stage engagement. Alignment with a clinical expert results in more effective presentations to potential investors, purchasers, or partners. We create presentations in full or in part, according to specific client requirements.

2. mHealth business development

Experience in the mHealth and digital health marketplace as well as consulting for Fortune 100 medical device companies for over 20 years provides a unique network for partnership and diversification opportunities. We furnish expertise in the areas of remote patient monitoring, online patient healthcare communities, and mHealth apps. We facilitate partnering of mobile health companies with platform providers, healthcare facilities, and payers in the areas of inpatient as well as transitional care, while focusing on the client’s needs. Clinical and market synergies are maximally prioritized for companies seeking dialogues with other mHealth, medical device or pharmaceutical companies .

3. Public speaking on mHealth and patient-centric healthcare

Dr. Scher has been an invited speaker at international conferences in the USA, Europe, and China, speaking to professional organizations and at public forums on mHealth technologies, remote patient monitoring, connectivity of remote monitoring technologies, and public health issues related to healthcare reform and technology. He is a devout patient advocate and is passionate about educating others about patient-centric medicine and digital health. His years of patient care and leader of a large implantable defibrillator support group for 20 years offers a special viewpoint on technology and the patient. Dr. Scher’s blog, The Digital Health Corner, was recently rated fourth in the top ten health care technology blogs.

Blog: The Digital Health Corner.

4. Informational resource

Customized presentations, with information cultivated from personal experience, clients, and trusted professional organizations with which we have longstanding relationships are furnished in your preferred format. Target audiences include but are not limited to media outlets, investors, purchasers, M to M project managers, patient organizations, and healthcare providers.